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The advantages of customized non-standard screws

Jan 15, 2022 View: 857

①The use of non-standard screws can save a lot of installation time for enterprises, greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor, and save costs for enterprises

②Customized non-standard stainless steel screws can be customized according to customer needs. You can imagine whether it is easier to change the product for a small screw, or to customize one according to customer needs, this is beyond doubt .

③In addition to the function of tightening the connection of non-standard screws, some also have requirements for the appearance of the screws. Some non-standard screws need to be exposed due to product design reasons. Customized screws can make the overall appearance look neat, bright, and add a lot of points.

④Customized non-standard screws can be applied to different use environments. According to different use environments, non-standard screw fasteners with different specifications, sizes and performances can be customized in a wide range.


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