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Types of Non Standard Pin Shaft

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There are several types of non-standard pin shafts that can be used in various applications´╝Ü

1. Tapered pin shaft: This type of pin shaft has a tapered shape, usually with a larger diameter on one end and a smaller diameter on the other. Tapered pin shafts are commonly used for aligning and securing parts in machinery and equipment.

2. Grooved pin shaft: Grooved pin shafts have longitudinal grooves along their length, which provide additional grip and locking capabilities. These pins are often used in applications where a higher level of security and resistance to rotation is required.

3. Knurled pin shaft: Knurled pin shafts have a textured or knurled surface, which provides enhanced grip and prevents slippage. These pins are commonly used in applications where a tight fit and resistance to movement are essential, such as in handles or knobs.

4. Threaded pin shaft: Threaded pin shafts have external threads along their length, allowing them to be screwed into a corresponding threaded hole. These pins are often used to secure two or more components together, providing a removable connection.

5. Step pin shaft: Step pin shafts have a stepped design, with different diameters along their length. These pins are typically used in applications where different components need to be aligned and secured at specific positions.

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