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Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer

Hex Head SEMS Screws With Spring Washer is a pre-assembled fastener that can be used in various applications and is guaranteed to increase the speed and efficiency of any assembly process. T

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As a manufacturer located in China, we specialize in the wholesale of quality products to merchants in countries outside of China. Our range of products is extensive and includes fasteners, hardware tools, and building materials. We take pride in our ability to produce high-quality products that meet industry standards while maintaining competitive prices. We want to introduce our latest product, the Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer.


Product Description


Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer is a popular fastener used in various industries. The SEMS screw is a pre-assembled fastener that includes a captive washer or multiple washers held in place by the screw thread. The difference between a SEMS screw and a regular screw is the washer integrated into the screw's design to streamline and add convenience to the assembly process.


The Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer is a fantastic product that comes with numerous benefits. The screws are designed with a hexagonal head and a spring washer that is placed under the head. The spring washer functions to provide resistance to loosening, which means that after the screw has been tightened properly, it will remain in place. In simple terms, the spring washer prevents unnecessary movement, making the whole assembly more secure.


The hexagonal head also provides excellent grip for the tool being used to tighten or loosen it. This type of head shape is particularly important for high torque applications, enabling users to achieve maximum tightness while ensuring the screw can still be removed if needed.


Quality and Durability


One advantage of our product is its quality and durability. Our screws undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they exceed industry standards. We use only high-quality materials in the production process, which makes them resistant to daily wear and tear. This ensures that the screws can withstand years of use, making them a valuable asset to any industry.




Our Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer come in a variety of sizes, making them a versatile fastener that can be used in different applications. This makes them suitable for use in various industries, including automotive, electrical, and electronics, among others, which makes them an ideal investment for merchants seeking a product with a wide market appeal.


Competitive Pricing


Another advantage of our products is competitive pricing. We know that our clients are always searching for high-quality products at a reasonable price. That is why we offer our Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer at a very competitive price. This ensures that merchants and buyers get to enjoy quality products that meet industry standards but at an affordable price.




Overall, our Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer is an excellent choice for merchants looking for quality and versatile fasteners that are both durable and affordable. Our product stands out because it is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of various industries, making it an asset in any industry. With its quality, durability, versatility and competitive pricing, we believe that our Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer will appeal to buyers worldwide. Get in touch with us today to place your order, and we will be happy to assist you.



Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer have superior corrosion resistance because we hot dip galvanized them. We know that some screws are made of carbon steel. The screws are firstly immersed in a liquid of molten zinc, and then be heated. The temperature must be higher when heating. The generally applicable heating temperature is 510 °C. The outer surface of the screws generally has an iron-zinc alloy, and after heating, this substance will be converted into purified zinc without iron, which increases the service life and corrosion resistance of the screws.


1. Strong bearing capacity and impact resistance.

2. We offer a variety of different surface treatments.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance, making the products durable.

4. With a spring washer, it can increase the friction between the nut and the bolt.

Product Details

● Product Type: Screws/Bolts

● Product Name: Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer

● Size: M3-M14; #0-#12;1/4-9/16;ST2.9-ST9.5; Special size can be enquired and supported

● Product Executive Standards: ANSI, DIN, ISO, GB;or Per customer's drawing

● System of Measurement: Metric/Inch

● Head type: Hexagon head

● Material: Low carbon steel / medium carbon steel / alloy steel

● Grade: Quenching and tempering heat treatment--4.6/4.8/5.6/5.8/6.8/8.8/9.8/10.9/12.9/Grade 5/ Grade 8;

Case harden-- Surface hardness min450HV

corehardness 270 ~ 390HV/290~370HV

● Support non-standard customization

● Country of Origin: China

Customization process


Quality Control

1.Strict contract auditing invloved all departments to assure the feasibility of each order.

2.Process design and validation before bulk production.

3.All inspectors are skilled with international certificates.

4.100% inspection of finished sprouts before shipment.


Our service

1. Product quality control and delivery time is strictly controlled;
2. Direct manufacturing factory offering competitive price;
3. All the inquiries will be replied within 12 hours;
4. OEM & ODM service are available;
5. Providing first-class after-sales services to the customers.



Why choose us?

  • Our team of professionals is highly skilled and experienced in producing Non-standard Customization products to the highest standards.
  • We are committed to providing Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer and total solutions for our customers. All of the products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.
  • As a leading supplier and manufacturer of Non-standard Customization products, we are committed to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.
  • The company will share the fruits of corporate development with everyone, and will also create a broader development space and more development opportunities for everyone to ensure that every employee will reach the display of their own value in the development of the company.
  • We offer flexible and customized Non-standard Customization products to meet the evolving needs of our clients and industries.
  • We will provide you with the best service price and high quality Hex Head SEMS Screws with Spring Washer on the basis of equal conditions.
  • Our Non-standard Customization products are built to withstand even the most demanding environments and applications.
  • Through the introduction of management and technology and the establishment of staff training system, we constantly improve the ability of internal management and customer service.
  • Our company is dedicated to offering flexible and efficient services in the production of Non-standard Customization products.
  • We set up a complete talent system from the system, and target to recruit the applicable talents that we really need.

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