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Basic knowledge of surface treatment of standard parts

Dec 02, 2021 View: 916

Generally speaking, high-strength fasteners can be surface treated to achieve certain goals we want to achieve, such as high temperature resistance. Or avoid the corrosion of standard parts.

First, electroplating the standard parts. This method is to put the standard parts in the metal solution, and then pass the electric current to cover the surface of the standard parts with a layer of metal. There are many functions related to this layer of metal. To select some different coating metals, we assume that we want to avoid rusting of standard parts, then we can galvanize the surface of standard parts.

Secondly, for the heat treatment of the surface of standard parts, there are some standard parts, such as self-drilling screws that require a harder surface layer, so the self-drilling screws can be heat treated to ensure that the self-drilling screws have sufficient hardness. This is the reason for heat treatment.

The third is to mechanically plate the standard parts, which means that the metal particles are cold welded to the standard parts to ensure certain effects on the surface of the standard parts. Mechanical coating and electroplating are basically similar, but the methods we use are different, and the results achieved can be said to be the same.

Fourth, the standard part passivation surface passivation has two main functions, one is to strengthen the hardness of the standard part, and the other is to greatly reduce the oxidation effect of the standard part.

In fact, this type of electrophoresis is not a better choice. If we can continuously increase the technological content of our standard parts, continue to improve some of our standards in material selection, and continue to innovate in production. Then we are fully capable of making standard parts have the functions we want without electroplating. This is better.

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