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How to clean non-standard stainless steel screws

Jan 17, 2022 View: 301

1. When degreasing and cleaning stainless steel non-standard screws, it is recommended to use a weakly acidic degreasing agent, which has good penetration, dispersion, wetting, saponification, and emulsifying ability to oil stains, and has a significant cleaning effect.

2. The editor of the non-standard stainless steel screw manufacturer recommends the use of the converted cleaning agent to remove the oxide scale. The moderately acidic cleaning agent has good removal performance for the oxide scale and carbide on the surface of the complex structure. After cleaning, it can accelerate the stainless steel surface Passivation, so that the cleaned screws have good resistance to salt spray.

3. It is recommended to use non-standard stainless steel screws to use grinding and polishing liquid. The polishing liquid is a weakly acidic viscous liquid, which has good polishing performance for stainless steel screws. The surface of the polished screws is very beautiful.


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