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Reasons why pan head socket head cap screws cannot be used

Jan 18, 2022 View: 583

If the flat head socket head cap screw cannot be used, the following phenomena may occur:

1. Sliding batches, which are generally made by screw manufacturers when the grooves are shallow when producing flat head hexagon socket screws, so the batches will be slipped.

2. The product cannot be screwed in. This is either because the manufacturer enlarged the thread diameter when making it, or the buyer gave the wrong size, or the manufacturer of the accessories made the hole diameter smaller. Of course, there is also a situation where the diameter of the thread made by the manufacturer is within the size range, but the thread is damaged and cannot be screwed in.

3. The surface is flawed, because some customers are very concerned about the surface of the screw if they use the flat head hexagon socket head screw as the appearance part, and cannot allow the surface of the screw to be flawed. Such defects are either thimble marks on the head, uneven surface plating or scratches, etc.

4. The screw is broken, the groove of the screw is too large, and the groove is too deep, and the screw is hit inside the rod, so this kind of screw may also have a broken head.


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