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How to control the quality of hexagon socket screws

Jan 20, 2022 View: 1021

If this hexagon socket screw is to be produced, it needs a mold to cooperate. When ordering a mold, the screw manufacturer should not make a mistake in the model and the size of the screw, otherwise the produced mold will not be able to produce the screws required by customers. .

1. When producing hexagon socket head screws, first measure the size of the semi-finished product produced. If the size, surface and shape are all qualified, the production can continue. And in the middle of production, it is necessary to conduct random inspections from time to time to confirm that the size of the screws has not changed.

2. When rubbing teeth, first try a small batch for production, and then pass the ring gauge. If you can talk, start production. If not, continue to adjust the machine or change the tooth plate.

3. When shipping, it is also necessary to check whether the plated surface of the hexagon socket screw is OK, whether the size of the screw is qualified, and whether there are miscellaneous nails mixed in.


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