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Maintenance method of non-standard screws

Jan 24, 2022 View: 1166

1. During the heating process of screw tempering, the stacking should be done together, otherwise it will cause slight oxidation in the quenching oil.

2. When rinsing the screw, because this process is very important, it needs to be very careful, and there will be residues left on the surface of the screw during this process. Rinse This step is to be done after cleaning with silicate cleaning agents.

3. The standard parts of the parts will rust during rinsing, and the water used for rinsing should also be replaced frequently.

4. Excessive corrosion indicates that the quenching oil has been used for too long, and new oil needs to be added or replaced.

5. White residue of phosphide will appear on the surface of the high-strength screw, indicating that (the first point) the inspection is not careful enough during operation.

6. If it is found that there is blackening on the surface of the parts and the chemical reaction occurs, it means that the work in the heat treatment is not done well and the alkaline residue on the surface is not completely removed.


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