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What are the standard parts disassembly skills

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1. Disassemble the rusty bolt and nut standard parts

Soak in kerosene for 20-30 minutes. Knock around the nut with a hand hammer to loosen the rust layer, and then unscrew it. If it still cannot be removed, use a torch to heat the nut. When the nut is heated to expand and the standard screw is lightly heated, unscrew the nut flexibly. If it is a threaded slide fastener, you can drill an enlarged hole at the threaded hole, remake the thread from the beginning, and then manufacture a stepped bolt with one end enlarged and the other end maintains the original diameter, the original screw hole is enlarged, and then a surface and inside The outer diameter of the threaded nut matches the enlarged screw hole, and the inner screw hole is the same as the original diameter. Coat 502 adhesive on the outer thread, and then screw into the enlarged screw hole.

2. Disassemble the standard parts of broken rivets

When the guillotine screw has a large diameter and is relatively loose, a hand hammer and a flat chisel can be used to gradually pick out the screw in the opposite direction of the thread. If the broken end is higher than the end face, it can be filed into a square and screwed out, or a nut can be welded to the broken end to screw it out. If the broken end is slightly higher than the end face or there is no outcrop, the broken end can be drilled and then wedged in a multi-edge quenched steel spade to screw out; the reverse thread is screwed out with a back screw. When the screw hole is allowed to be enlarged, a drill can be used to drill off the head screw and enlarge the thread from the beginning.

3. Disassemble the spring set

In order to prevent the fasteners from deforming due to uneven stress, the screw set should be disassembled diagonally and symmetrically. When disassembling, first loosen the screws 1 to 2 buckles, and then disassemble them one by one. For square or round parts, disassemble symmetrically according to the diagonal or the center of the circle. The long strip parts can be loosened and disassembled gradually from two ends to the middle or from the middle to the two ends in a symmetrical, diagonal order. Loosen and remove the screws in the difficult-to-remove parts first. When disassembling the cantilever-shaped multi-screw standard connector, you should start from the bottom and loosen one by one according to the symmetrical direction. One or two screws on the upper part should be removed, otherwise it will simply cause an accident or the parts will be deformed and damaged.

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