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How To Deal With The Rust Of Stainless Steel Fasteners

Dec 17, 2021 View: 1103

1. In moist air, dust or dissimilar metal particles bond with the condensed water on the surface of stainless steel fasteners to form a micro battery, which causes an electrochemical reaction. The protective film on the stainless steel fastener is destroyed, which is called electrochemical corrosion.

2. During the use of high-strength fasteners, the surface of stainless steel fasteners will adhere to the juice of organic substances such as soup, soup, saliva, etc. under certain conditions, and organic acids will also form on the surface of stainless steel. Fasteners that corrode the surface for a long time.

3. When installing stainless steel fasteners, lime water, alkaline water and other substances (such as acids, alkalis and salts) will adhere to the surface, thereby corroding the surface of the stainless steel fasteners.

4. When stainless steel fasteners are used outdoors, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid and other acid solutions will be formed in the air, such as sulfide, carbon oxide, nitrogen oxide and other polluted air, which will cause chemical corrosion.

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