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Precautions For Anti-corrosion Maintenance Layer Of Standard Parts

Dec 18, 2021 View: 585

Standard parts are also made of metal, and the method of metal corrosion protection mainly has four aspects, namely: the characteristics of the material itself, the environment used, the interface between the material and the environment, and the plan to improve the metal structure.

If there are no special requirements, it is impractical to use non-corrosive alloys to manufacture standard stainless steel from an economic point of view, or the surface of standard parts and the environmental factors that can cause corrosion are not impeded. It is not necessarily difficult to achieve in actual operation. Improving the metal structure can improve the impact of special conditions in some cases, but the planning of most high-strength fastener specifications cannot be fully corrected, and its protective effect is not permanent, so this method is basically The above cannot solve the problem, as long as the interface is anti-corrosion, that is, the surface anti-corrosion treatment method currently used.

The surface anti-corrosion treatment of stainless standard parts refers to the use of various methods to apply a protective layer to the metal surface. Its function is to prevent the occurrence of metal corrosion process, and can also make the metal surface anti-corrosion, and can also make the corrosive medium and metal surface Contact to achieve the purpose of avoiding or reducing corrosion.

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