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Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt

Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt is a threaded fastener with external threads, made of carbon steel, corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant.

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As a manufacturer of high-quality industrial hardware products, we are pleased to present our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt. This premium-grade bolt has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio that makes it ideal for demanding applications in many industries. We have designed this bolt to provide superior performance under extreme loads and conditions, with superior resistance to corrosion, wear, and damage.


At the heart of our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt is our unique, proprietary alloy. We use only the finest materials in our manufacturing processes, ensuring that each bolt we produce meets or exceeds the highest standards for quality and durability. Our precise, computer-controlled manufacturing processes ensure a consistent level of precision and accuracy in every bolt that we produce, so you can depend on our products to perform flawlessly, time after time.


One of the key features of our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt is its black finish. This finish is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides superior protection against corrosion, wear, and damage. Our specially-formulated black finish is designed to resist the effects of saltwater, acids, and other chemicals, making it the perfect choice for marine and other harsh environment applications.


Another important feature of our Hex Bolt is its unique design. We have engineered this bolt with a hexagonal head that provides superior gripping strength and increased surface contact, making it easier to apply and remove even under heavy loads. Our Hex Bolt is also designed with shallow threading that provides optimum resistance to shear forces while reducing the risk of stripping or damage.


Our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt is available in a variety of sizes and specifications, so you can select the one that best meets your unique needs. We carry bolts in both metric and imperial measurements, as well as a variety of standard and custom lengths. We can also customize the threading, head shape, and other aspects of our bolt to suit your specific requirements.


In conclusion, our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt is an excellent choice for anyone who demands the highest level of performance and durability from their fasteners. If you're looking for a reliable, high-quality bolt that can withstand even the most demanding applications, look no further than our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt. With its superior design, construction, and finish, we are confident that our Hex Bolt will exceed your expectations and provide you with years of reliable, trouble-free service.



The Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt is a threaded fastener made of carbon steel. It is popular because of its robust shape, which makes it suitable for heavy-duty fastening. Premium carbon steel material makes it corrosion-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and durable. Besides, the thread of our bolt is clear and deep, making the bolt fixed well and have a stable structure for a very long time. At the same time, your working and maintenance will be easier and you can save more time and energy.


Our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt has different specifications, so it can be widely used in many different areas, including energy, electrical appliances, machinery, metallurgy, construction, and other industries. It is a very common basic mechanical part. What’s more, we can customize fasteners with different processing techniques and sizes based on your requirements. If you want more information, please contact us.

Product Details

● Product Type: Carbon Steel screws/Bolts

● Product Name: Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt

● Size: M3-M14; #0-#12;1/4-9/16;ST2.9-ST9.5;Special size can be enquired and supported

● Product Executive Standards: ANSI, DIN, ISO, GB;or Per customer's drawing

● System of Measurement: Metric/Inch

● Head type: Button Head; Pan Head; CSK Head; Truss Head; Round Head; Cheese Head;Hexagon head; etc.

● Material: Low carbon steel / medium carbon steel / alloy steel

● Grade: Quenching and tempering heat treatment--4.6/4.8/5.6/5.8/6.8/8.8/9.8/10.9/12.9/Grade 5/ Grade 8;

Case harden-- Surface hardness min450HV

Core hardness 270 ~ 390HV/290~370HV

● Support non-standard customization

● Country of Origin: China

Why choose us?

1. We are the most advantageous and potential hardware processing factory in Jiangsu Province, China.

2. Quality Control throughout the whole Manufacturing process.
3. General Inspection on fixing before Packing.

4. Our hardware all passed IATF16949&ISO 9001&ISO14001&ISO45001.



1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: The minimum order amount we accept is 5000 US dollars. You are warmly welcome to visit our company.

2. Q: What is the level of quality of your products?

A: We have got IATF16949,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001 certificate so far.

3. Q: What is the delivery time of your products?

A: Generally speaking, the delivery time of our products is 40 days. We will customize the products according to the requirements of customers.



Why choose us?

  • We have a streamlined manufacturing process that ensures a quick turnaround time for our Bolts and Screws products.
  • Our company always adheres to the belief of 'strive to create value for customers', and gradually establishes and improves the quality assurance system of the whole process from design, manufacturing to sales and service.
  • With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we can produce Bolts and Screws products of exceptional quality and precision.
  • We have good after-sales service. If you have any comments and suggestions, please give us feedback in time, communicate with each other, and we will actively deal with them.
  • Our team of experts ensures that our Bolts and Screws products are produced with the latest technology and machinery.
  • At present, we are facing the cooperation and competition with multinational companies in terms of market share and economic resources.
  • We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best value for their money with our Bolts and Screws products.
  • Our idea is: to pay attention to training, strict assessment, management and safety.
  • We have a vast range of Bolts and Screws products to cater to various industries and applications.
  • We believe that the quality of our Carbon Steel Black Hex Bolt alone is not enough to attract consumers and that we need to provide excellent service while maintaining quality.

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