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Zinc Plated Hex Bolt

Zinc Plated Hex Bolt has a hex across flats, which can be fixed with a wrench or socket tool, and its surface is galvanized, which is anti-corrosive.

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Zinc Plated Hex Bolts are an essential part of any hardware product. They are commonly used in various industries such as automotive, construction, and machinery. Zinc plating is the process of coating a layer of zinc on the bolt to protect it from rust and corrosion. Not only does it add a protective layer, but it also gives a shiny, professional finish to the bolt. As a reputable manufacturer in China, we offer the Zinc Plated Hex Bolt is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance.




1. High Tensile Strength: Our Zinc Plated Hex Bolts are made from high-quality carbon steel, which has excellent tensile strength. The bolts are designed to withstand heavy loads and tensions.


2. Corrosion Resistance: The Zinc plating on the surface of the bolts makes them resistant to rust and corrosion. The zinc coat protects the metal from oxidation caused by exposure to moisture, chemicals, and harsh environments.


3. Easy to Install: The hexagonal shape of the bolt makes it easy to install with a spanner. The traditional six-sided bolt head allows the user to grip the bolt firmly, making it easier to tighten or loosen.


4. Wide Range of Applications: Zinc Plated Hex Bolts are used in a variety of applications, ranging from construction, automotive, machinery, and other industrial applications. They are also ideal for DIY projects around the home and garden.


5. Professional Appearance: The zinc plating gives the bolt a smooth and professional finish, making them perfect for aesthetic applications, where the bolts are exposed.




1. Quality Guarantee: Our Zinc Plated Hex bolts are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and durability. At our manufacturing plant, we adhere to strict quality control protocols to ensure our products meet and exceed industry standards.


2. Cost-Effective: Zinc plating provides long-term protection from rust and corrosion, which means our Zinc Plated Hex Bolts require less maintenance and replacement, creating a cost-effective solution for you.


3. Customizable: We can customize our Zinc Plated Hex Bolts to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a specific size or shape, we have the capabilities to create a bespoke solution for you.


4. Environmentally Friendly: Our Zinc Plated Hex Bolts are eco-friendly and safe for the environment. The Zinc plating is a non-toxic process that does not harm the environment.


5. Build Trust: Our reliable and high-quality products build trust with our customers. They, in turn, trust the products they order from us and are more likely to reorder when they need more.




Zinc Plated Hex Bolts have a wide range of applications that span across various industries. They are commonly used in:


- Construction

- Automotive

- Machinery

- Agricultural

- Marine

- Power generation

- Plumbing and HVAC

- Home Improvements


Customer Service:


As a manufacturer, we believe that customer satisfaction should be a top priority. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and efficient services to our customers. We understand that our success depends on your success, so we work tirelessly to meet your needs. Our experienced team is always available to answer your questions and provide guidance on the best products to suit your specific needs. We also offer flexible shipping options, ensuring that we can get your products to you in a timely manner.




Our Zinc Plated Hex Bolts are an excellent solution for those looking for reliability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Our range of bolts is customizable to meet your precise requirements and promises nearly endless possibilities. We're committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service that ensures you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Contact us today for more information on how we can best suit your needs!



Zinc Plated Hex Bolts have opposite hex sides and can be secured with a wrench or socket tool. The surface of this product is galvanized, so it has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. It includes a two-piece washer design, which facilitates the fastening of accessories and ensures that they are not easy to loosen. The head of the bolt does not have the type of grooves that can be used with a power assist tool, so it can be hidden to prevent removal when it is actually in use.

The bolt is forged with precision production process and surface treatment, it has a smooth and anti-oxidation surface. The product threads are smooth and evenly distributed, which allows them to precisely engage the threaded holes for enhanced performance. This product is widely used in household and office electrical appliances, communication equipment, ship assembly and other machinery industries.

Product details

● Product Type: Screws/Bolts

● Product Name: Zinc Plated Hex Bolts

● Size: M3-M14; #0-#12;1/4-9/16;ST2.9-ST9.5; Special size can be enquired and supported

● Product Executive Standards: ANSI, DIN, ISO, GB;or Per customer’s drawing

● System of Measurement: Metric/Inch

● Head type: Button Head; Pan Head; CSK Head; Truss Head; Round Head; Cheese Head;Hexagon head; etc.

● Material: Low carbon steel / medium carbon steel / alloy steel

● Grade: Quenching and tempering heat treatment--4.6/4.8/5.6/5.8/6.8/8.8/9.8/10.9/12.9/Grade 5/ Grade 8;

Case harden-- Surface hardness min450HV

Corehardness 270 ~ 390HV/290~370HV

● Support non-standard customization

● Country of Origin: China

Our service

1. We have nearly 20 years of experience in hardware processing.
2. We offer OEM custom service, produce and process products according to your drawings and requirement.

3. All kinds of surface treatment available, such as anodizing, power coating, painting, polishing, electrophoresis, plating. etc.

4. Our professional R&D and QC team can strictly control the product quality to meet your requirement.



1. Q:Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?

A:We are a manufacturer, and we have builded up our company since 2004.

2. Q:Which level of quality are your products?

A:We have got IATF16949,ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001 certificate so far.

3. Q: Why did you choose us?

A:We are a high-tech enterprise and have obtained iatf16949 & ISO14001 & 45001 & ISO9001 certification.



Why choose us?

  • Our Bolts and Screws products are available in various sizes, materials, and finishes to meet your specific requirements.
  • We advocate the execution ability of "100% implementation of principles and fundamental issues, and creative implementation of practical and detailed issues".
  • We supply Bolts and Screws products to various distributors, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide.
  • We continue to improve the degree of automation of machinery and equipment, and accelerate the innovative application of information technology in business management.
  • Our Bolts and Screws products adhere to international quality standards, such as ISO, ANSI, DIN, and JIS.
  • Our company attaches great importance to the management of product quality, so the quality and related production capacity of Zinc Plated Hex Bolt can reach the advanced standards at home and abroad. We attract more and more customers with high-quality products, and our products are also sold overseas.
  • Our competitive pricing and superior quality Bolts and Screws products make us a preferred choice for many customers worldwide.
  • As always, we will reward our customers for their trust in us with efficient and reliable Zinc Plated Hex Bolt, institutionalized after-sales service and reasonable sales prices.
  • Our Bolts and Screws products undergo strict quality checking to ensure zero defects and maximum precision.
  • Our corporate culture is optimistic, unremitting pursuit, dedication, integrity, to achieve the value of life, social responsibility.

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